Your personal custom made wellness oasis.
We love to relax you.


We manufacture and assemble various wellness cabins:
-Finnish saunas,
-BIO saunas-saunarium,
-combined saunas,
-infra saunas

Individual approach to each customer, and according to your wishes and needs, we plan, manufacture, deliver, assemble and maintain.

It is possible to make cabins:
-in every size
-in every shape
-in the slope of the rof
-from all types of wood for the outer coating in our own production
 (veneered panels and massive profile)
-glass surfaces installation
-modern exterior design in various colors

We sell wellness equipment and sauna technology.

We are the exclusive representative for EOS Saunatechnik i Dr. Kern.

For standard models, Finnish spruce is used for interior covering, soft-line profile. Seats, headrests, chairs, furnace fences and benches are always made from the African abachi.

For more exclusive design, Canadian hemlock in combination with abachi is used for interior covering.  Both types of wood are the best option for Finnish sauna due to their specific characteristics, especially for bio saunas – saunarium.

As far as professional cabins are concerned, all the structures are reinforced and commercial ovens are used, often these are furnaces from the EOS S-line series. Besides hemlock and abachi, thermwood, multiplex boards and wedi boards are used.

Doors are always made from tempered glass, parsol or transparent with anodized aluminum frame, and there is always the possibility to insert additional glass. 

There is a lot of creativity involved in designing the external appearance of the sauna. We use many different types of materials which allows our customers to be both, creative and to have a wide selection in designing exterior appearance.

Cabins come with all necessary equipment and instructions which gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy in your sauna:

-electric furnace,
-thermometer and hydrometer,
-essential oils etc.